Something Other Live – On Circularity

Something Other Live is a series of experimental writing and performance events which act as companions to each themed Chapter published by Something Other collective.

Something Other’s upcoming event follows a call out on circularity, searching for queer ways of occupying the present and its differences. This will unfold as a collective listening event online.

Please join us here on Tuesday 5th May 8pm as we gather to listen to sounds from: Alexandra Baybutt, Barbara Bridger and Hari Marini, Karen Christopher, Sabrina Fuller, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Eirini Kartsaki, Ben Kulvichit and Nat Norland, Marianne Habeshaw, Christina Lovey, Libby Scarlett & Caridad Svich.

The audio files will go live at 8pm, and will remain available on our website for a week.

Something Other is a website, a series of events, and a collaboration between Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin. Something Other invites other artists and writers to collaborate with them through a series of themed chapters, making space for experimentation and rethinking the relationships between bodies, digital space, language and Live Art.




Karen Christopher – This is not the performance I had in mind

In This is not the performance I had in mind (a recorded version of the text Wingman day one and beyond), circularity works in the form of returns–returns to a place, to a conversation, to an idea–and the swirl patterns produced by those returns.

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance maker, performer, and teacher. She recently relocated from London to her new studio in Faversham where her company, Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects, continues to focus on collaborative processes. She is devoted to paying attention as a practice of social cooperation. Karen was with Chicago-based Goat Island performance group for 20 years until the group disbanded in 2009. Her practice includes listening for the unnoticed, the almost invisible, and the very quiet.


Alexanda Baybutt – Němaɲa

Němaɲa is a reflection on memory, friendship and not letting go.

Alexanda Baybutt works in art, movement education, and research. Recent creations include a PhD on the imperceptible politics of festival curation in the former Yugoslav space. She sustains collaborations across Europe with choreographer Stephanie Felber, and with artist Ivan Mijačević, and works as a dramaturg with choreographer Tania Soubry.


Christina Lovey – The A10/Kingsland Road (a selection from)

The A10/Kingsland Road (a selection from) is a performative meditation on time, place, memory and affect.

Dr Christina Lovey is a performance artist working with text, photography and film, rhythm tap dance and ritual. Her work considers experience and uses multiple modes to re-present aspects of experience. Christina studied performance art at Middlesex and worked in applied theatre, before lecturing and tutoring – she currently tutors neurodivergent learners at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, while maintaining her own diverse art practice. Christina gained a PhD from University of Brighton in 2016 – her phenomenological practice-led research project considered the liminal experience of grief and its re-presentation in film. Her current research interests include somaesthetics, performative writing, shamanism and its relationship to artmaking, and auto-ethnography/place.


Sabrina Fuller The Motion of Waves

In The Motion of Waves Sabrina Fuller layers voices and memories of feminisms and freedoms.

Sabrina Fuller is interested in how groups and individuals respond and react to society’s expectations: how objectification and exclusion from mainstream society can give license to chart other ways of being, and how a classification as Other allows a freedom to develop the language of difference and form unlikely alliances. She works with still and moving image, voice, sound and the written word and is committed to working collectively, participatively and collaboratively.


Caridad Svich – Memory Tape

A memory tape from the past, pointing toward the future. Desert winds along the highway.

Caridad Svich is a text-builder and theatre-maker (hybrid and otherwise). She’s written lots of plays and things, most recently RED BIKE, which sustained a rolling world premiere. She has two collections of her work published by Intellect UK., and has also edited books on theatre for TCG, Methuen Drama, Manchester University Press, NoPassport and just last year a little book on Hedwig and the Angry Inch for Routledge’s 4th Wall Series.


Mary Paterson On Circularity

On Circularity is a poem written in isolation.

Mary Paterson is a writer and artist, and one of the co-founders of Something Other.


Eirini Kartsaki My Fecund Father

My Fecund Father is a meditation on the familiar and the unfamiliar, and how we grow.

Eirini Kartsaki is a performance practitioner, writer and Lecturer in Drama at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex. Her writing is concerned with notions of desire, repetition and the unfulfilled. She is the author of Repetition in Performance: Returns and Invisible Forces (Palgrave, 2017). Her performance practice has been presented nationally and internationally (Sadler’s Wells, V&A, The Basement, Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini, Soho Theatre, Palais de Tokyo, RichMix, Toynbee Studions, Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon).


Marianne Habeshaw Refusing Tea

Refusing Tea is a delicate poem that circles in silences, selves and intimacy.

Marianne Habeshaw is a Teaching Assistant and Poet/Playwright based in Hackney, London. She wrote a play with the Eastern Angles Young Writers Group called The Snowflakes in The Slow Cooker, which was performed in June 2019.


Laurel Jay Carpenter – Circular Magic: John Court in York

A visual art performer examines her experience as witness to a durational action; it all comes full circle at John Court’s work, presented by OUI Performance.

Laurel Jay Carpenter’s durational performances have been presented across the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe, most notably as part of the 2007 Venice Biennale, the 2013 Festspillene i Bergen (Norway) and the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. She regularly collaborates with Norwegian artist Terese Longva as Longva+Carpenter, and was, earlier in her career, an active member of the Independent Performance Group founded by Marina Abramović. For more than a decade, Carpenter served as a tenured Associate Professor of Art at Alfred University in New York before refocusing her practice toward doctoral research at Northumbria University. She is currently self-isolating in Newcastle.


Diana Damian Martin – Formular de declarație pe proprie răspundere (On completing a form for movement)

On completing a form for movement.

Diana Damian Martin is an artist and researcher, and one of the co-hosts of Something Other.


Ben Kulvichit and Nat Norland- Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is a looping phone conversation for one voice, in which identity looses its footing in an unstable environment.

Ben Kulvichit is a theatre and performance maker. He is co-artistic director of Emergency Chorus and an associate artist of Chris Goode and Company. As a critic and writer, he is co-editor of Exeunt Magazine and recently worked as a contributor and deputy editor for Diverse Actions and LADA’s publication Vanishing Points.

Nat Norland is a sound designer, writer and director. He makes theatre with his company Why This Sky. He has designed sound and music for work by Emergency Chorus and Joseph Morgan Schofield, and is currently studying for an MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central St. Martins.


Libby Scarlett – New Words

New Words is a selection of WhatsApp messages sent between Libby and a person she loved in another country between 2014 and 2019, read backwards.

Libby Scarlett is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. Her practice is interested in the transformative nature of interaction and lived experience. Flaws in communication and encounters are highlighted as sites for potential adjustment or movement. From these, she creates sets of circumstances or boundaries to explore notions of change and growth. She is also part of artist-architect duo Studio Tej.



In SPIRALS, CIRCLES, GALAXIES, Barbara Bridger, Georgia Kalogeropoulou, Hari Marini and Noelia Diaz Vicedo (collaborating as PartSuspended) reflect on six stills from Spirals, a video-poem collaboration filmed in leftover spaces in London, Broadstairs, Barcelona, Belgrade, Coventry and Athens.

PartSuspended is a multidisciplinary dynamic platform co-founded by Hari Marini in 2006. PartSuspended fosters performances and collaborations between artists from a variety of disciplines such as performance, photography, poetry, video and music. Since 2013 PartSuspended has been engaged in the Spirals project: an ongoing collaborative and multidisciplinary project of international artists, that brings together poetry, performance and music in various cities, to create video poems and live performances.

Barbara Bridger taught Theatre and Performance Writing at Dartington College of Arts between 1990 and 2010 and is currently an independent writer, director and dramaturg.

Hari Marini is a London-based performance maker, independent writer and founding member of PartSuspended group. Her writing, practice and research are focused on poetics of spaces, performative architectures and women’s writing.

Georgia Kalogeropoulou is a London based researcher, musician and performer. Her academic interests are centered around Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of time.

Noelia Diaz Vicedo is a poet, academic and translator. She combines university teaching with research on contemporary women’s poetry and gender studies.

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Photo by Musa Ortaç from Pexels

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