My Very First Piece of Live Art

A Study Room Gathering
Friday 16 December, 6pm
Free, Book Now
Hot chocolate and mince pies will be served

Throughout 2016 LADA has been collaborating with Sibylle Peters of Theatre of Research (Germany) on two initiatives – PLAYING UP, a Live Art game for kids and adults, and a Study Room Research Residency exploring practices and methodologies in relation to intergenerational Live Art.

As part of her research Sibylle is interested in artist's first ever artworks. Whether we are an artist or not, we all remember paintings or stories or plays we made when we were kids, but what about our very first piece of Live Art?

To contribute to Sibylle’s research, LADA is hosting a gathering and inviting artists and others of all ages to remember and share their very first piece of Live Art. Sharing can take many forms from talking about it, to re-enacting, to showing traces and documents.

Kids and adults are equally welcome to come along to simply watch or share their experiences participate.

We will document the event and publish some of it online, providing a first account of Live Art done by children for children – a field that is almost undocumented so far.

Please let us know if you are able to come to this gathering and are willing to share your first ever Live Art piece by completing this short form.

“I remember a game I invented together with a bunch of peers at my kindergarten at the age of five. To play this game we undressed and put only our woollen tights back on. Then we made the tights expand beyond our feet and tight the endings in a knot. Sitting on the floor in a circle with all of our tights connected in one knot, but still holding them up to our wastes with our hands, we started pulling. The last one in the room with their tights still on was the winner.  

Recently, I attended a lecture by German performance artist Armin Chodzinski who traced the beginnings of his practice back to one summer, when he ‚painted’ his family’s gardenshed with water several times, contemplating the way the water temporarily changed the shed and how it took exactly as much time to reverse itself as it took to paint the shed as whole.” – Sibylle Peters

Banner image credit:

PLAYING UP at Tate Modern, Image Seraphina Neville (2016)

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