Motherhood and Live Art 2: Are we screwing the kids up?

This event, organized by Miffy Ryan, takes place at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home’s LADA Study Room in Exile in Liverpool on Saturday 29 April 2017, 11am – 2pm. The focus of this group is be maternal ethics, the notion of being overspent, tired of some real or imagined ethical standards, the guilt.

Questions considered may include the following:

  • How are we constrained by the cultural emphasis that is placed on what the mother is/represents and what the child is/represents, and how does this drive and inform the art practice we make?
  • The so called cult of motherhood is one over-invested in the notion of the child as saviour and the mother as martyr, or alternatively the mother is excessive or transgressive in her art. How much can we control and critique our representation as mothers?
  • How do process, practice and the broader aspects of care and parenting intersect with our live art practices?
  • What is our duty of care to our children who are represented in our artworks?

Each participant is asked to prepare a 5 min presentation on their maternal live art practice and address some of the issues outlined above. If you would like to participate in this event please confirm your attendance by email no later than Friday 7 April as spaces are limited. Light lunch is provided.

Documentation from the first meeting Motherhood & Live Art, organized by Emily Underwood-Lee and Lena Simic in the Study Room in Exile in January 2016 can be found here

Live Art and Motherhood: Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal is available for free to download.

Banner image credit:

Miffy Ryan ‘My Studio Performances with Matilda’ 2011 Photo by Alan Duncan

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