ecologies of care – an invitation to personal & collective (R)evolution

On Thursday 25 May, join us for an online gathering with ecologies of care, who are inviting you to join a personal and collective (R)evolution.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde

Without a basic foundation of care for ourselves in our lives, we are drowning in a sea of chaos – treading water at best. The last few years have been the hardest for many of us. We have lived through a global pandemic, which many of us are still in recovery from.

At this time of great uncertainty, we need more than ever to gather and build our resources, but how can we achieve this in lack and scarcity?

In our sector, we artists have been overworked and underpaid for too long. We all know this is not a sustainable way to live and work. Many of us are sick, disabled, poor, struggling, and finding the best ways we can to survive. Enough!

Ecologies of care are proposing something different; something that eradicates the trope of the ‘starving or struggling artist.’ Something that is centred on our individual and collective health, care and wellbeing. Something that shifts us from surviving to thriving.

So, where do we begin? We begin by gathering again to share resources and to change our mindsets. We cannot overcome our current situations alone or in competition with each other. We need community.

This online event will be holding a space for a proposal on ‘ecologies of care’ and we invite you, artists, and arts workers to come along and gather.

About Ria Righteous

Ria Righteous, formerly Ria Jade Hartley (she/her), is an interdisciplinary artist crafted in performance, theatre, and live art.

As a decolonial-queer-feminist, Ria’s practice innately advocates for others – giving space for thought, feeling, creation and innovation.

After almost two decades of studying, teaching, and creating in the Arts & Cultural sector, Ria has gained expert knowledge and experience in which she would like to more formally offer out in workshops and talks under her initiative ‘ecologies of care’.

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Find out about ecologies of care and their Patreon

ecologies of care is an initiative designed to raise awareness and increase best practice for the health and wellbeing of artists and arts workers across the sector. Their goal is to empower creative individuals with the tools to help them articulate and express their needs to ensure a good level of care, health and wellbeing in their working lives.

ecologies of care Patreon offers a monthly talk and workshop for subscribers through a 12 month ‘Foundations of Care’ series. This programme takes artists on a journey together to implement deep care strategies into their practice.

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