Intersect: An oracular practice sharing by SERAFINE1369 and Daniella Valz Gen

The Live Art Development Agency is delighted to invite you to another Intersect event, on Friday the 3rd of March; the first public and in-person element of the series to be held at the LADA space in Bethnal Green.

This gathering is curated by ]performance s p a c e[ and consists of a call, pause and response sharing of live, oracular practices from artists SERAFINE1369 and Daniella Valz Gen.

“Oracular practice is for me an exploration of presence, responsiveness and a form of improvisation that can be understood as live writing and editing as the act of making meaning in real time…” – Daniella Valz Gen

“[Mine is] a responsive practice of tuning into states of receiving, through the capacity a body has to ‘read’ & synthesising the information received through movement, without judgement or conscious agenda… allowing this movement to be witnessed.” – SERAFINE1369

Audiences are invited and encouraged to adopt a softer focus while engaging with the embodied processes of the artists – becoming properly present and in attunement with the currents of the evening. As the event unfolds, audience members will be gradually enfolded; encouraged to participate in a collective reading, or reflection of the evening’s offerings in dialogue with the lead artists.

This Intersect event is curated by ]performance s p a c e[ and co-produced by LADA and ]performance s p a c e[.

About the artists

SERAFINE1369 is an independent artist, dancer and body-focused researcher, working with dancing as a philosophical undertaking and as a political project with ethical psycho- spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology. Their methodology is intuitive and many-headed, considering the interrelatedness of myriad systems. SERAFINE1369 is busy with propositions and practices – of dancing, spatial arrangement, sonics and modes of receiving – that counter the tendency towards bodily compression, inflammation and alienation, invited by life in the hostile architectures of the metropolis.

Daniella Valz Gen is an artist and writer born in Lima and based in London. Their work explores the interstices between languages, cultures and value systems with an emphasis on embodiment. Alterity, liminality and ritual come into play through a practice that prioritises process. Whether through an engagement with materials, writing or performance, their work is preoccupied with complexity and non-linear narratives. Their practice spans installation, text and live performance, both as independent outputs and combined, through collaborative and solo projects.

Access Information

LADA and The Garrett Centre are wheelchair accessible by lift and provide gender inclusive bathrooms.

We are continuing to implement measures in the space to ensure that our staff, visitors, and everyone who uses our building, remain safe during the ongoing pandemic and that we protect those who are disproportionately affected by it; please make sure to read our Covid Protocol before arriving at our building.

Should you have any particular requirements regarding access for this event or have any questions, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to offer further support.

About Intersect

Intersect is a series of gatherings, making space for creative communities to share insights into embodied practices that reflect intersectional ways of being. Affirming the ‘liveness’ of the process, each gathering is unique, allowing for the featured participant(s) to co-design how they might imagine what the exchange with those who attend may look like: an embodied dialogue between artists; a sharing of a new experimental work in progress witnessed virtually and/or in-person; or an open forum where key research questions of interest are explored and discussed.



Banner image credit:

Collage image. Left: SERAFINE1369, I I I (something flat, something cosmic, something endless), 2023. PEANA, Mexico City, Feria de Arte Material / Right: Daniella Valz Gen. Photo by Deniz Guzel for South Kiosk.


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