Double Your Money with Scottee

The arts in the UK are significantly funded by the optimism of those who play the National Lottery. What would happen if the arts tried its luck at winning the lottery to create a self-governed or more democratic funding model?

Scottee will use £1,000, awarded to him by the Live Art Development Agency, to buy lottery tickets across the UK. In front of a live audience Scottee will attempt to win big whilst 200 punters nervously check his tickets during a live broadcast of the National Lottery draw.

So that Scottee is in with the best possible chance of winning, he is asking the audience to bring their lucky pants, numbers, charms and mascots to this evening of chance, luck and wishful thinking. Scottee will intertwine the number crunching with live commentary that will address the complexities of public funding, class, luck, and what he’d like to fund through his winnings.

Scottee is not taking a fee for this project, and any winnings will be shared between Scottee and LADA’s artistic programmes. Will Scottee be able to turn his £1,000 into £2,000, or more … ?

To be in with a chance of winning a place at this special event, enter our free lottery for a Double Your Money ticket.

The ticket lottery will be drawn at 6pm on Friday 28 August and winners notified immediately. We want to make sure we have the luckiest people possible in the room, so luck will decide who is in the audience. It could be you!

Due to popular demand we have extended capacity and can release a further 50 tickets on a first come first served basis.


But be quick because once they are gone they are gone!

Free entry into Duckie later, if you like that sort of thing.

About LADA’s Fundrasing

For the past two years, LADA has been part of a consortium with Artsadmin and Home Live Art, supported by Arts Council England’s Catalyst programme, which was designed to enhance its fundraising capacity. LADA’s Catalyst work has included researching, testing and implementing a range of fundraising activities, including ALAG: A Live Art Gala and a film by Kim Noble. The consortium also developed work on ethical funding issues; LADA’s Ethical Funding Policy can be read here.

This event continues LADA’s fundraising research and is supported by ACE’s Catalyst programme and Duckie.

About Scottee

Scottee is an artist from North London. He is currently an associate artist at the iconic Roundhouse. He creates work about outsiderness, exploring race, sexuality, class, age and gender. Scottee creates spaces where the perceived underdog is celebrated, at the forefront and no longer ignorable. He has performed for audiences across the globe and enjoys making work in dodgy gay bars, public toilets and forgotten community centres. Scottee is clumsy, brash, unapologetic and often covered in sequins.


Double Your Money with Scottee – documentation

Double Your Money: A call for proposals from artists

Banner image credit:

Scottee image by Holly Revell

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