Collective Practices of Care in experimental performance – a gathering

The event is step-free, wheelchair accessible, and there is blue badge parking.


The first in a series of 2019 gatherings as part of Restock, Rethink, Reflect Five: Managing the Radical in collaboration with the MtR Action Research Group and The Sick of the Fringe.

There is a global crisis of care. In all aspects of our lives we are now supposed to take care of ourselves, sometimes at the expense of taking care of others, and to privatise or outsource care. The consequences of this crisis pose many challenges for artists and arts workers, particularly in Live Art where artists are dealing with complex issues and highly politicised territories around identity politics and ‘dangerous ideas’. But are there alternatives, grounded in collective action and solidarity, that we might enact and imagine?

How might practices of self-organisation in experimental arts and activist practice invent alternatives in responding to this crisis? Can we learn from the past and from each other, both within the arts and beyond, in order to care better for one another…or even just to care?

You are invited to join us in the first stage of our research process, by sharing your experiences with us and other participants. Amit Rai and Gini Simpson will lead a conversation about the collective practices you have developed as well as others you might imagine, which might generate sustainable models for collective care in the experimental arts and beyond.

Supported through the Collaborations Fund of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary University of London.

In association with The Sick of the Fringe's Care & Destruction Festival. For further information please contact Orlagh

Banner image credit:

From Foot Washing for the Sole, by Adrian Howells. Photo by Hisham Suliman.

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