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Dagmara Bilon, Misplaced Women

Latest news

Covid-19 Statement

17 March 2020

LADA regrets to announce that in the interests of the safety of our artists, collaborators, audiences, community and staff, we are closing our office and Study Room, and postponing all events until the beginning of May, at the earliest.

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Diverse Actions: SKIN in the GAME – Documentation and Responses

27 February 2020

Documentation and responses to SKIN IN THE GAME, a symposium on cultural diversity and Live Art organised by Diverse Actions.

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‘A Sleight of Hand lesson’ at LADA

7 February 2020

Kay Hyatt placed the winning bid for one of the Live Art experiences auctioned at LADA’s anniversary gala.

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A Conference about Animals of Manchester

16 January 2020

A critical response to Animals of Manchester, written by Maddy Costa and Mary Paterson

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Video: 20 Years of LADA

14 January 2020

We’ve created this short film on the occasion of our 20th Anniversary which looks back at 20 years of our work.

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‘Self-harm performance’, a blog by Leticia Izquierdo Díaz

18 December 2019

In this blog, artist and researcher Leticia Izquierdo Díaz reflects on research undertaken during a residency at LADA.

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