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At LADA we have released 3 podcasts in the last two years.

Marcia Farquhar: Pushing 60. Marcia is going to record a daily episode for 60 days up to the eve of her sixtieth birthday. The first ten episodes were already written in January 2014 in response to an invitation, issued by Marcia's friend Sandra Bartoli a Berlin based architect, to be part of an experimental writing project. The idea to write a daily chapter for 60 days was a challenge which she flunked. Now Marcia has an opportunity to try again before it's too late and she has actually pushed 60. Subscribe here.

Audio Arthole by Marcia Farquhar.   Marcia Farquhar is the first ever recipient of LADA's Arthole Artist's Award. In April 2016 Marcia began Audio Arthole a weekly 7-minute podcast, documenting her experiences across the 2016/17 Arthole year. The weekly episodes give an insight into Marcia's life, mind and process as she reflects on four decades of work and the weekly moments she encounters. Subscribe here.

LAUK:Listen. LADA's Programmes Manager Megan Vaughan has created a new podcast series for Live Art UKLAUK:Listen offers another way to engage with key Live Art organisations and opportunities. Each episode featuring insights from contemporary artists and promoters working across the country, discussing issues and ideas that are both timely and relevant. The first episode was published in August 2016 focusing on the subject of Live Art and Festivals. Subscribe here.

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In Between Time 13 (credit: Oliver Rudkin)

Latest news

Responses to ‘Politics of Intimacy in Practice’

17 February 2021

A series of reflections and artistic responses by to the Politics of Intimacy in Practice DIY, by Raju Rage, Kyla Harris and Andre Medina, Rabindranath A Bhose, and Vanessa Young.

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Twelve Days of Unbound

4 December 2020

2020’s Unbound seasonal sale is Twelve Days of Unbound – 12 days of 12 guest editors with each recommending books or films or editions that they would like to give or receive as festive gifts, and all offered at 12% discount.

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Annual Review 2019/20

26 June 2020

Highlighting a selection of LADA’s projects and initiatives we have produced between April 2019 – March 2020

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LADA Statement of Commitment on organisational change and racial equity

23 June 2020

LADA Statement of Commitment on organisational change and racial equality

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Online collaborative residencies: recipients announced

17 June 2020

The recipients of LADA’s online collaborative residencies are the artist Jet Moon and her client ‘Giani’, and the artists Jemima Yong and Kei Franklin.

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Katherine Araniello Bursary Awards: recipients announced

28 May 2020

We are delighted to announce that the recipients of the Katherine Araniello Bursary awards are Katayoun Jalilipour and Tammy Reynolds.

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Future Proofing bursary recipient: Aislinn Evans

14 April 2020

We are delighted to announce that Aislinn Evans has been awarded the 2020 Future Proofing bursary

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