Update on donations to New Moves International, producers of New Territories and the NRLA

Calling all supporters of New Moves International, producers of New Territories and the NRLA

This is an update for everyone who generously sent a donation via Artsadmin in 2012 in support of Nikki Milican’s campaign to recover New Moves International’s missing funds. 

At the time it was felt that resources would be needed to help finance an audit as part of the police investigation. Four years on and that investigation is still ‘live’, however whether the case ultimately goes to court or not will rest with the procurator fiscal.

We would like to propose that, unless resources are needed for the investigation, the funds raised through your generosity are put towards a legacy project that Nikki is planning to mark the 30th, and final, edition of the National Review of Live Art that took place in 2010. The project will make the documentation of that festival publicly available and contextualize the history of the NRLA through a series of events.

Many of you who have spoken to Nikki were enthusiastic about the idea of your money supporting something that was directly to do with the festival, and for it to be sponsoring something that benefits a wider public. We’re also aware that many of you donated money specifically towards legal costs and may feel uncomfortable with it being used for other purposes.

Please do let us know if, in the event of the funds not being used towards the police investigation, you are happy for the fund to be reallocated towards the NRLA 30th anniversary project or if you would prefer for your donation to be refunded.

You can respond to any or all of the following via email:

Nikki Milican 

Lois Keidan 

Gill Lloyd

Judith Knight 

Best wishes,

Nikki, Lois, Judith and Gill

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