New publication on the performance work of Adrian Howells

LADA is delighted to announce the commissioning of a new publication, It's All Allowed: The Performances of Adrian Howells

It's All Allowed will be part of the series 'Intellect Live', co-published by LADA and Intellect Books. Co-edited by Dee Heddon and Dominic Johnson, and designed by David Caines, the book will pay testimony to Adrian's remarkable achievements and the methodological, thematic, and historiographical challenges posed by his performances. It will include new writing from a number of scholars and artists, including Fintan Walsh, Katie Gough, Helen Iball, Stephen Greer, Nic Green, Rosana Cade, Marcia Farquhar, Tim Crouch and others. ‘Working’ documents and visual materials reproduced from Howells' archive will reveal new insights into his process. 

It's All Allowed is part of a legacy project funded by Creative Scotland, LADA, the University of Glasgow, Battersea Arts Centre, the Arches, National Theatre of Scotland, the Society for Theatre Research, and Queen Mary University of London. The book will be published in Spring 2016.

Banner image credit:

Adrian Howells, Foot Washing for the Sole (2008). Photo by Hisham Suliman

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