Adrian Howells – a generous, brave, and honest artist

All of us at LADA are so sad at the loss of the beloved Adrian Howells. Adrian was a force for good – a generous, brave, and honest artist, with a generous, brave, and honest soul.

Intimacy in performance has been one of the most rewarding areas of enquiry for many artists and audiences in recent years, and Adrian was a pioneer in the field. It’s impossible for most of us to even talk about one-on-one performance without reference to Adrian, and his influence will be felt forever.

Adrian was one of the few artists who could bring the diverse camps of contemporary theatre and performance in the UK together, and this is reflected in the outpourings of grief and the heartfelt testimonies of artists, critics and colleagues from across the spectrum of performance in the last few days.  

Thank you Adrian for everything you’ve done. You will be sorely missed.

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Photograph: Stephen Cummiskey

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