LADA Screens: Katherine Araniello, a celebration

Please join us for an evening to celebrate the life and Live Art of the brilliant and inspirational artist Katherine Araniello who died on Monday 25 February 2019.

Katherine was an extraordinary human being, a beloved friend of LADA, a long-standing LADA Board member, a fearless activist, and an artist who was central to so many of our publications, projects, events and professional developments programmes over many years. We will be bereft without her. As Katherine's fellow LADA Board member Dominic Johnson said on hearing of her passing, "Live Art feels that bit less interesting and wild without her.”

We had been working with Katherine on a LADA Screens* programme for this April, and so with the blessing of her partner and family we are turning the planned event into a celebration of Katherine’s art – showing a selection of her amazing film works, and hearing from artists, activists, curators, scholars and collaborators on the significance and impact of her practice.

With Martin O’Brien (artist), the vacuum cleaner (activist), Clare Barlow (curator), Petra Kuppers (scholar) and Teresa Albor (collaborator).

LADA is also working with Katherine’s partner and family on Katherine’s legacy and is setting up an annual Katherine Araniello Bursary Award for an unapologetically radical and politicised artist who works in Live Art and identifies as a disabled person. We plan to launch the Bursary at the event on 16 April.

In addition we will be launching the 21st edition to Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) featuring Katherine Araniello, The Dinner Party (2011/...Revisited, 2014). 20 miniature sculptures of iconic performance works were created by Robert Daniels to mark LADA's 20th Anniversary. The 20 works were nominated by artists and curators, and at the launch of the collection on 6 March 2019, a week after Katherine died, it was agreed that a 21st model would be made in memoriam.

This event is generously supported by Unlimited.


*LADA Screens is a series of free, online screenings of seminal performance documentation, works to camera, short films/video and archival footage. Each LADA Screens is launched with a live event at LADA and is then  available to view online for a limited time only on LADA’s dedicated Live Online video channel.

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Tags: LADA Screens

Date: 16 April 2019

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Venue: Live Art Development Agency, The Garrett Centre, 117A Mansford Street, London, E2 6LX

Tickets: Free, but please RSVP.

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