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About the project

Performance Magazine was published between 1979 and 1992 and documents an extraordinary period in the development of art in the UK. Significantly, in a pre-internet era, the magazine was instrumental in shaping the field of practice now widely referred to as Live Art. By creating a critical context and discourse the magazine provided a vital platform for wider awareness of new approaches to the making and experience of art. LADA is very pleased to be working with the original editor, Rob La Frenais, to develop the project which will reflect on this important archive and look at the contribution it has made.

LADA's Study Room houses the complete collection of Performance Magazine.


A new online archive, artist commissions and a film

  • At the heart of the project will be a new website featuring the first digital archive of the magazine.
  • ​A new film by Hugo Glendinning and Alex Eisenberg mapping the magazine’s history and legacy.
  • Commissioned features by Anne Bean, Hester Reeve, Lynn MacRitchie, Claire MacDonald and Nahum Mantra which respond to the archive and the period when the magazine was published. These have been conceived both for live and online space. They will be activated by the project launch events in Hull and London.

Launch events in Hull and London

Two public launch events, one in Hull on 25 March 2017 as part of the Re-ROOTed Festival and another at the British Library in London on 27 April 2017. Including an additional seminar and workshop looking at Live Art, writing and digital publishing hosted by LADA. 

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Copyright Notice

All of the back issues of Performance Magazine are being made freely available to view online as part of this project. This has been done with the permission of the surviving Editors of the magazine, Rob La Frenais and Gray Watson. The copyright for articles, other texts and photographs in the magazine remains with Performance Magazine and/or the original creators, in accordance with the original copyright of each issue.

If you have any queries about the copyright or the way that the issues have been reproduced please contact LADA.


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