DIY 15: 2018 - Nando Messias: Art & the Self: What did Narcissus see?

Dali, Selfies, Freud: a self-reflective workshop on the play of narcissism in creativity

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Mon 18 June
This DIY is supported by Freud Museum London

Project summary

The myth of Narcissus in psychoanalytic thinking and in art is explored in this theoretical and practical workshop by Nando Messias. Over a weekend participants will take part in:

  • a seminar on the psychoanalytic concept of narcissism led by Tamar Schonfield. Particular focus will be given to narcissism in the present day (selfies, echo chambers, etc).
  • a survey of art inspired by the myth of Narcissus (images, paintings, sculptures, films, music, etc) especially “The Metamorphosis of Narcissus” by Dali.
  • a look at self in art (specifically autobiographical performance and self-portraiture).

The workshop culminates in participants producing a self-portrait, with the photographer Holly Revell. We will create scenes, tableaux and stories as set ups and background for each self-portrait, which will be captured in the grounds of the Freud Museum. Each participant will leave with a unique self-portrait, informed by the workshop.

How to apply

Applicants of all levels and ages are encouraged to apply, working in any of the following areas: queer performance, autobiographical performance, socially-engaged performance, dance, theatre, visual arts, photography, video, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, arts producing, arts programming.

Preference will be given to those who indicate a special interest or a personal investment in gender, sexuality, autobiographical and queer performance.

This DIY is for a maximum of 10 participants. The online application asks for a short biography, a short statement on why you would like to take part in this project, a quick selfie, and an answer to the following questions: 'What do you like most about yourself?' and 'Do others think of you as a narcissist?'


Dates, times and location

Dates: 20-21 Oct 2018
Times: 10am-5pm, both days
Location: Freud Museum, London

The artist

Nando Messias’ work straddles performance art, dance and theatre. His performances combine beautiful images with a fierce critique of gender, visibility and violence. He has performed at prestigious venues such as Hayward Gallery, V&A, Tate Tanks, Roundhouse, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Tate Britain and ICA, among other spaces across the UK. He has also worked extensively on the international circuit. Nando delivered a successful DIY workshop in 2014 in partnership with KARST, Plymouth on Walking Performances.

Holly Revell is a specialist photographer and videographer of live performance and its makers.

Stefan Marianski is Education Officer and Digital Strategy Manager at the Freud Museum.

For questions about this DIY, please contact Nando.

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