DIY 13: 2016 Documentation

20 professional development projects across the UK and Ireland 
run BY artists FOR artists

DIY 13: 2016 offered artists working in Live Art the chance to conceive and run professional development projects for other artists.

20 projects took place across the UK between July and November 2016, produced in collaboration with 20 national partner organisations.


More info about DIY

More info about DIY 13: 2016.


Ranging from stargazing with David Bowie in Colchester to canine collaboration in Plymouth, and from round-the-clock performative writing in Edinburgh to an ‘affectionate movement’ of radical representation created entirely online, DIY 13 included some of our most radical and transformative projects yet. Here we present selected feedback, images and video documentation.

Feedback from lead and participating artists

"One of the most valuable professional developments of my artistic practice so far." - FK Alexander, DIY13 lead artist.

"A truly collaborative experience." - Aaron Williamson, DIY13 lead artist.

"I have had an irreplaceable injection of courage and spirit. I have made some long-lasting connections with other artists. The week propelled me forward within my own research like nothing else could have." - Participant, Unfunky UFO.

"The DIY has certainly taught me to have confidence to think wild and big, to be untamed and optimistic, and that inter-species large-scale collaborations can be amazing. It also reminded me how great it can be to work with other artists and how giving they can be of their time for projects that they support, and that is of tremendous value." - Angela Bartram, DIY13 lead artist.

"The range of artists we worked with all brought really pertinent issues and creative responses with them. The conversations and creative work around issues and politics of trespass, immigration, asylum, refugee status and experience, borders, Nationalism were incredibly strong." - Curious, DIY13 lead artists.

"The diverse workshop exercises placed me out of my comfort zone and was just what I was looking for to challenge myself in to new ways of thinking and making." - Participant, You're An Animal!

"I had a magical and profound time sharing my heart with strangers, friends, fellow performance makers and Stacy and I am grateful i could be part of this experience." - Participant, Kick My Butt'lins!

"Having a group of seriously curious and culturally hungry collaborators to experiment with was a great privilege." - Katie Etheridge, DIY13 lead artist.

"One of the hardest and most rewarding exercises I’ve ever done." - Louise Orwin, DIY13 lead artist.

"Absolutely loved being part of something special - interventions in the city and beyond - the catapult - the debrief in the dunes - the community of fatigue at the end of each day." - Participant, T(r)ipping Points.

"A chance to bring a conversation into a wider context and enact it, not just talk about it." - Katherine Araniello and Laura Dee Milnes, DIY13 lead artists.

"It was like an ideal version of what I imagined it was going to be. As though if someone told you a storybook version of it, then that would be it. It was great to get out of my familiar, daily (useless) rituals; to get out of familiar geography and to physically test myself with a huge rucksack that, at it's heaviest weighed, 18kg. It was satisfying to sweat and feel aches in parts of my body that I hadn't felt aches in before and to know that I can push myself further than I think and get no where near to breaking." - Participant, Survival Skills for Artists.

"The DIY scheme creates a culture of reciprocity, generosity and respect. Artists need one another, now more than ever. I learn by teaching and find inspiration in facilitating growth." - Stacy Makishi, DIY13 lead artist.


Angela Bartram - Be Your Dog! (timelapse):


Aaron Williamson - Average Jo/e Modelling Agency:


Sexcentenary - Grey Matters (video for DIY Picnic):


Katherine Araniello and Laura Dee Miles - Playing The Victim (video for DIY Picnic):


Stacy Makishi - Kick My Butt'lins! (video by Nicholas Tee):


Karen Christopher - DREAM AUDIENCE (video for DIY Picnic):