DIY 12: 2015 - They Are Here ‘BANK’

A collective venture to understand financial systems better, to make these systems more visible, and to devise strategies to operate better within and alongside these systems.

Project Summary

BANK is a research project created to facilitate a collective exploration of the dominant financial systems. This project recognizes that economic forces are among the most influential affecting our lives at multiple levels, while being notoriously difficult to visualize and/or stage. Taking the form of a discussion group meeting 4 times over 5 months, we will organize a series of structured encounters between participating artists and individuals working in the finance sector. These will be accompanied by a variety of texts, films and animations circulated among our group that will frame our discussions at each gathering. We hope to emerge more informed and better positioned to navigate these systems affecting our lives.

This project is open to artists at any level of experience, who are curious about the concerns raised in the project summary. You must be able to attend all four sessions. We’re looking for 6 – 8 participants.

Deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times, location

Sat 18 July – Artsadmin, London

Sat 5 September – Birmingham

Sat 24 October – London

Sat 14 November – London

Exact locations and times to be confirmed 

The Artists

They Are Here is a collaborative practice steered by Helen Walker and Harun Morrison. We are currently based in Birmingham and London. We have worked together as They Are Here since 2006, often extending our collaboration to include those from all walks of life. Our work can be read as a series of context specific games. The entry, invitation or participation can be as significant as the game's conditions and structure. Through these games we seek to create ephemeral systems and temporary, micro-communities that offer an alternate means of engaging with a situation, history or ideology.

Part of LADA and the Catalyst Programme


London and Birmingham