Placements / Internships / Volunteers

LADA offers placements as part of formal education programmes focused on specific research and interests that will contribute to LADA’s work. If you would like to propose a placement for a student please send a short letter of introduction to [email protected].

LADA is also able to act as a host for funded professional development schemes, such as Erasmus. Those wishing to undertake an internship outside of an agreed formal education programme will need to secure external funding.

If you have ideas or questions about the potential for undertaking an Internship at LADA, please send a short letter of introduction to [email protected].

LADA occasionally requires volunteer assistance at events and in the office. If you would like to support LADA in this way, please send a short letter of introduction to [email protected]

LADA can feel proud/pleased/inspired by what it ignites and provokes in the students, and the fierce love and appreciation they develop for LADA, its principles and ethos. They are changed by it.

Current Placements

Katherine Borchsenius


Past Placements

Saulius Leonavičius | Alicia Kremser | Bruno Camargo | Elsa Bouterin | Daisy Eccles | Sophie Ruane-Lewis | Sarah Dahar | Hannah Fallowfield | Freya Jefferys | Anaïs Comer | Billy Sassi | Ellie Parker-Harbord | Drew Cole | Nic Baines | Anna Serini | Clio Dunne | Karl Taylor | Rebecca Wright | Malta Beisenhertz | Victoria Matthews