Staff and Board


  • Barak adé Soleil, Co-Director
  • Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, Co-Director
  • Megan Vaughan, Finance and Administration Manager
  • Natalia Damigou-Papoti, Press & Communications
  • Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway, Digital Projects & Resources
  • Joseph Morgan Schofield, Artist Development

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Board of Directors

  • Ansuman Biswas, Co-Chair (artist)
  • Peter Law (Digital Producer)
  • Gill Lloyd, Co-Chair (freelance)
  • Claire MacDonald (writer, activist and Unitarian minister)
  • Shaheen Merali (writer and curator)
  • Susan Sheddan (Learning Convenor, Early Years and Families, Tate Modern and Tate Britain)
  • Gini Simpson, Secretary (freelance)

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Placements / Internships / Volunteers

LADA offers placements as part of formal education programmes and acts as a host for funded professional development programmes such as Erasmus. We occasionally require volunteer assistance at events and in the office.

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