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This is Performance Art DVD



This is Performance Art
Part One – Performed Sculpture and Dance
Part Two – Experimental Theatre and Cabaret

The first two episodes of Mel Brimfield’s multi-part fictional television documentary series mark the fragmentary and unreliable nature of performance art’s historical record. Low-end showbiz memoirs, sensationalist biographical documentaries and cheap-to-make TV clip programmes compiling lists of ‘The 100 Top/Best/Greatest’ are referenced alongside the faulty mechanics of museological, archival and curatorial approaches to assimilating live art. The result is a comedic performative critique of performance art historiographies.

Contains booklet with an introduction by Sir Francis Spalding and excerpts from Genital Panic.

Watch the trailer below.

With her hilarious but affectionate deflation of performative pomposity, Brimfield has done for the history of performance art what Henry Reed’s fictional composer Hilda Tablet did for modern music on the Third Programme in the 1950s, what the inimitable entertainers Anna Russell and Joan Turner did for opera, and what the comedian Billy Dainty did for classical ballet.

Art Monthly

Written and Directed by Mel Brimfield. Edited by Luke Collins.

Performance Matters , 2013, DVD-PAL, 34 minutes and 29 minutes.

ISBN 978-0957014961

This is Performance Art: Part One was commissioned by Camden Art Centre and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Courtesy of the artist and Ceri Hand Gallery. Script originally performed at Henry Moore Institute Sculpture and Performance conference, Tate Liverpool, 2010. This is Performance Art: Part Two was commissioned by Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts and Performance Matters. Courtesy of the artist and Ceri Hand Gallery.

Part of the Crossovers series of artists’ films, documentaries and dialogues reflecting the potential of marginal artforms and intense ideas within popular media. A set of the five current Crossovers DVDs can be purchased at the special price of only £50 from the drop-down menu above.

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