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“As soon as I finish speaking, you will clap. Even those of you who were a bit bored will clap because it’s a comfortable way to signal an ending.”

The Future Show is both a performance and an on-going project. It is a piece that tells the story of a one person’s future, starting from the end of a performance and going until the end of her life. Every script is re-written to be both time and site specific. This volume contains three past scripts for the show, and a Future Show Score, in case you are brave/foolish enough to attempt to write your own future.

With an introduction by Tim Etchells, which you can read online.

Deborah Pearson is an award-winning writer, performer, and is Founder and Co-director of Forest Fringe.

Reviews of The Future Show performance:


‘Delicate, ever-changing… For a show that is nominally about the future, the piece says as much – perhaps more – about the present moment.’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ****

‘A testament to Pearson’s astonishing skill as a writer.’ Andrew Haydon, Whatsonstage *****

‘Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show is one of my favorite pieces so far this year—deceptively simple, funny, artful, tender’ Katherine Catmull, Fusebox

‘A tender, meditative attempt to find a foothold on life’s uncertainties.’ Matt Trueman

The Future Show is remarkable. Conceptually brilliant and so moving.’ Dan Rebellato

‘Pearson quietly but captivatingly takes us through the minutes, days, months and years ahead, dancing lightly over ideas around time, death and the constant, anxious quest for certainty in a chaotic world’ Catherine Love, Exeunt

Oberon Books, 2015. 13 cm x 21 cm, 128 pages, paperback.

ISBN 978-1783192953

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