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That Night Follows Day


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“You feed us. You choose clothes for us. You lay down the law. You sing to us. You watch us sleep. You make us promises and sometimes hope we will not remember them. You tell us stories you hope will frighten us, but not too much. You try to tell us about the world. You explain to us the meaning of war. You whisper when you think we can’t hear. You explain to us that night follows day.”

In response to the request by the Flemish theatre company Campo to create a performance with children, but for adults, Tim Etchells developed That Night Follows Day – a show with a cast of 17 children aged between 8 and 14. Both comical and poignant, the show explores the systems that make and shape children’s and adolescents’ experience. This text includes English, Dutch, French and German translations and an English-only introduction by Tim Etchells.

Victoria, Gent, 2007, 134 pages, 18cm x 11cm.