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Over 5 days, Brian Lobel gave strangers 1 minute to decide which of his Facebook friends to keep or delete. The deleting was real, the pace was maniacal, the results were final. 50 Hours of performance, 800 emails from angry, amused and intrigued friends, and over 2500 comments from people watching via live-stream later, Purge the stage show is an interactive performance lecture exploring the process of, and fallout fromPurge, and examines how we interact and emotionally engage with contemporary social media.

This collection features the script of Purge, the stage show, alongside lots of extras including reflective essays, interviews with other artists who have performed Purge, additionally angry emails from former Facebook friends and much more.

Oberon Books, 2016. 104 pages, paperback, colour images included, 13 x 21cm.

ISBN: 978-1-78319-329-5

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