STILL LIFE Issue 5: Restraint


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STILL LIFE is a zine featuring interviews, texts and images from performance, kink, healthcare and other domains. It’s a zine about relationships and configurations in which one person is still while others are not. Or where one person is passive and others are active. It’s about how we put ourselves in other people’s hands. Or how we are put in other people’s hands. It’s about care and power and vulnerability and agency. And other things not so clearly named.

Issue 5 looks at ideas of restraint including interviews with HARVEY YOUNG about stillness and the Black body; KELINA A. GOTMAN about the myth of choreomania; CLAIRE SMITH* about her experience as a prison officer; and MAXINE LEEDS CRAIG about why straight, white men don’t dance anymore. It also includes a text from HENRI LEFEBVRE on dressage; tales from guardsmen about fainting and laughing on parade; photographs by EMMA BACKLUND of play wrestling; vintage images and contemporary stories of bondage from THE PRIVATE CASE; and a poem by HANNE GRASMO about piss play. Cover photo by EMMA BACKLUND.

Contains sexually explicit material

110 Pages, 14.5 x 21 cm, Paperback, Edition of 100

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