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SIX MONOLOGUES by Jeff McMahon collects six of McMahon’s works that span across socio-political, queer and historical frames of discourse: DISCONTENTS, SCATTER, CITY OF GOD, HEEL, HONORABLE DISCHARGE, FAILURE TO THRIVE (we small hours). Provocative, witty, daring and compassionate, these works are testament to McMahon’s singular vision.

“Jeff McMahon’s performances sear us in a fever dream of poetics, politics and unflinching personal witness. His fierce collision of social texts and equal opportunity “j’accuse” claims a rigorous performance vision that unsparingly unpacks society and self. From a child’s peering over the backseat of his Grandmother’s car driving thru L.A., to an unblinking witness to 9/11 McMahon takes us on a wild journey thru our times. Buckle your seat belt and dare to ride shotgun as you turn the pages of this powerful collection.”

Tim Miller, Performer

NoPassport Press, 2018, Southgate. Paperback, 188 pages, 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm.

ISBN: 9781387322961

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