Shattered Anatomies


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A boxed collection of mixed media contributions, including objects, acetates, models, recordings and loose-leaf texts, commissioned from a diverse range of international artists and writers within the field of contemporary performance.

The complex and exquisite form of Shattered Anatomies makes a powerful response to questions of the body in current art practice and what happens in the translation from event to record.

Contributors: Bobby Baker, Lenora Champagne, Ethyl Eichelberger, Peter Hujar, Joe E. Jeffreys, Tim Etchells, Goat Island, Gerry Harris, Adrian Heathfield, Simon Jones, Jim Clayburgh, Alastair MacLennan, Julian Maynard Smith, Susan Melrose, Lewis Nicholson, Andrew Quick, Rachel Rosenthal, Caroline Rye, Carolee Schneemann, Stuart Sherman, Gordana Stanisic, Tony White, Stelarc and Fiona Templeton.

Arnolfini Live 1997, box containing mixed textual and illustrative media and objects, 31cm x 33cm

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