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Save Me: A Conversation Across the City


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For 11 days in May 2011, performance duo, Search Party, spoke to each other across Bristol Harbour using semaphore.

Save Me: a simple, silent and striking performance work, disrupting the familiar act of domestic conversation through its physical distance, exploring processes of encoding, decoding, and the struggles of distant connection. This silent act set against the rumbling indifference of a relentless city scene is documented here alongside the interventions of 187 passers-by who wrote of their own feelings of separation on yellow tags provided by the company. Story after story weaved into the flagged, coded, distant, yet loving conversation.

This item is one of 187 limited edition copies, each including an original tag produced during the performance.


Arnolfini, 2011. 19.5 cm x 17.5 cm, 164 pages, paperback with colour photographs throughout.