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Where our real home might be is tricky to say. In a way that is the point. Some people say that it is the body, but I think the body is more of a channel that leads us home. Ultimate reality is our home. It is here and now.

In 2016, two artists embarked a cargo ship and retraced a route of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – Europe, Africa, the Caribbean – all the while contemplating the notion of home. Both real and imagined, it was a journey to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, propelled by questions and grief; a journey backwards in order to go forwards, a diaspora.

This show is what they brought back.

Selina Thompson’s salt. premiered at Southbank Centre in July 2017, and went on to tour in the UK, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

Winner of The Stage Edinburgh Award, The Total Theatre Award for Experimentation, Innovation and Playing with Form, and The Filipa Braganca Award. Shortlisted for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award.

Faber & Faber, Autumn 2018. Paperback, 56 pages. 20 cm x 12.5 cm.


ISBN 9780571352265