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Rambles with Nature


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Rambles with Nature is a body of work by artist Sheila Ghelani that explores the hedgerow from a range of perspectives and angles, encompassing a variety of art-forms and collaborators. This book draws together the project’s writings, notes and poetry and reflects on art, nature, diversity and Sheila’s ongoing practice.

Rambles with Nature was created through a series of residencies and performances across 2013 – 2015, with the support and participation of many people, all of whom are listed within the book. This launch is a chance to say thank you publicly to all those who contributed to the project.

So, a collection.

All in one place.

Before taking a deep breath and moving on.

Illustrations by Mel Sheppard

Includes writing by Lucy Cash, Maddy Costa, Mary Paterson, Rajni Shah, Sue Palmer (with Becky Edmunds, Scott Smith, Tiffany Charrington, Suzie Shrubb, Tracey Low, Shauna Concannon, Elizabeth Brightwen and many others dancing in between the lines).

Sheila Ghelani, 2015. 10.8cm x 18cm, 92 pages, paperback with illustrations throughout

ISBN 9-780993-216908