Performing Proximity: Curious Intimacies


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How does proximity between audiences and performers change the nature of live performance? How does it feel? How long can it last? How close is too close?Exploring the rise of close encounter, immersive productions that shine a light on performer-audience relationships, this book considers the impact of space and proximity in live performance.

Drawing on their experience as internationally acclaimed performance artists, Leslie Hill and Helen Paris richly document their creative processes, performances and audience’s responses in a series of illuminating case studies. Relating their practice to wider issues in contemporary performance and detailing workshop exercises that aid performance making, this unique fusion of artistic and academic reflection is crucial reading for students, scholars and practitioners alike.

Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. paperback, 236 pages, black and white images, 14 x 22 cm

ISBN 9781137328281

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