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Perform! is a re-enactment game devoted to performative art. The game requires all participants to take turns performing, and when not performing, to judge other people’s performances. The object is to arrive at a winning performer: the one with the highest score at the end of the game.

With its playful, light-hearted approach Perform! aims to widen appreciation for performance and some of its leading protagonists.

Perform! is a game by artist Hannes Egger and curator Denis Isaia.

The deck of cards includes a box (15×9,5×1,7 cm), 40 playing cards (8,9×14,6) and 2 introduction cards (8,9×14,6). The weight of one deck of cards is 166 g. The 40 illustrations are drawn by Hannes Egger. The texts are written by Denis Isaia.

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