Out of Line: The Story of British New Dance


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What is New Dance?

New Dance has revolutionised British dance – its choreography, its techniques, its institutions, its audiences. Out of Line looks at the history, characteristics and practitioners of this important movement, and is thus the first book to cover all these aspects of New Dance.

The history of New Dance is traced from its beginnings in the 1960’s through to the present day, looking at the individuals, companies and organisations which helped to shape the movement. The range of concerns that have characterised New Dance is then examined – concerns that go beyond choreography and performance to include issues such as institutional organisation, criticism, funding, feminism and politics.

Out of Line is an accessible introduction to the New Dance phenomenon, and shows how it has profoundly affected not only the current British dance scene, but also the way we view, practise and think about dance. It is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand contemporary British dance.

Judith Mackrell is dance critic of the Independent. She also broadcasts regularly on arts programmes for both television and radio.

Dance Books Ltd, 1992. 22.2 x 14.6, 160 pages, paperback, black and white images throughout.

ISBN 1-85273-038-2

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