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Night Time


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This artist’s book by Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre documents her exploration of south London communities. Over 18 months she has charted night-time through the experiences of its inhabitants from school children to visual artists, from academics to breastfeeding mums. The featured texts and images were produced and gathered through conversations, events, walks, workshops and an open call for submissions. Night Time reveals some of the ways in which exchanges between artists and communities can have material form and addresses the growing interest in collaborative and socially engaged practice.

“To the best of my recollection, I was never sent to bed. By the time I was born my family was either too tired or too busy to furnish me with life’s most basic protocols. I was never taught essential skills such as how to do my laces up, or how to read the time, and even key instructions to brush my teeth or wear my glasses were never imparted. It was the freedom of such neglect that I first discovered the pleasure of night-time.”

Contributors: Neil Chapman, Inua Ellams, Chris Jones, Paola Junqueira, Daniel Lehan, Dr Rev Rosemary Mallet, Tansy Spinks and Dr Deborah Talbot.

Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, 2009, 96 pages, illustrations throughout with 8 page insert in simulator translucent paper, 17cm x 24 cm.