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Marcia Farquhar’s 12 Shooters



An in-depth document of Marcia Farquhar’s 2007 collaborative project 12 Shooters – 13 short films, each directed by a different artist-filmmaker, and each derived from a different work from the past 12 years of Farquhar’s practice. In all cases, Farquhar gave a pre-arranged performance for camera, and all editorial control to the filmmaker.

This cloth-bound volume contains a foreword by Stuart Brisley, essays by Peter Suchin, Tony Grisoni, Mark Harris and Alice Maude-Roxby, and extensive notes on the work by Marcia Farquhar, J. Maizlish and the various collaborating ‘shooters’: ZoÌÇ Brown, Bruce + Marshall, Jem Finer, Judith Goddard, Dryden Goodwin, Andrew Kí_̦tting, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Uriel Orlow, Tom Paine, Sarah Pucill, Tal Sterngast and Gary Stevens.

The book also includes full-colour film stills, production stills, preparatory drawings and contextual documentation. Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. Supported by Arts Council England.

“12 Shooters will be of enduring value to generations of artists fortunate enough to get hold of a copy. Entertaining and scholarly, 12 Shooters dismantles the form of most publications that document a distinguished artist’s practice and elucidates the ways in which a once only conceptual performance might haunt and possess an entirely new body of work. In this sense 12 Shooters is also a conceptual biography, an intimate conversation between the artist and those who have been invited to reimagine the secrets and pleasures of her performing persona. Most dazzling of all, 12 Shooters succeeds in being a critically engaging archive that is on side with the stray thoughts and unexpected philosophical conundrums of every day lived experience that have always been Marcia Farquhar’s subject.”

Deborah Levy, Writer

“I love Marcia Farquhar’s Twelve Shooters – she is someone who manages to synthesise in print the boldness and vivacity of her practice.”

Helen Paris, Artist

Deborah Levy, writer, 2009

Live Art Development Agency, 2009, 192 pages, hardback, full colour and black and white images throughout, 17 cm x 24 cm.

ISBN 9780954604080

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