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Asking urgent questions about drag today, Louche mag Issue 1: Beginnings and Becomings takes a critical and constructive approach to queer performance culture: its past, present and future. Featuring contributions from over thirty artists, writers and illustrators including Dr Sharon Husbands, Crystal Rasmussen, D Mortimer, Katy Jalili, Beau Jangles, Holly Revell, Oozing Gloop, Georgeous Michael, Chiyo Gomes, Liberty Antonia Sadler and Clio Isadora.

Issue one includes: troubling the gender binary in drag and the idea of ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ as distinct categories, a Dragony Aunt column serving fresh T, and much more! We queer the archive, and draw on the legacy of drag as political action in hom(o)age to pioneers of the LGBTQI community such as Sylvia Rivera and Stormé DeLarverie, pivotal figures in the 1969 New York Stonewall riots, as well as radical 1970s UK drag troupe, Bloolips.

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