Lines Curves Galaxies: Issue 1 Aftertastes


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Lines Curves Galaxies: Issue 1 Aftertastes, is a poetry collection inspired by performance art that has been viewed or created during the pandemic. With over 27 poems submitted by writers from across the globe, the zine is a form of an archive of what performance art and dance has been for people during times of physical distancing. As the world that we are used to has been crumbling, it felt appropriate to reconsider the structure of the traditional poetry publication while presenting an alternative to what performance reviewing can look like. Times are changing, socio-political contexts are shifting, worlds are being rebuilt. The zine favours a collective voice/subconscious, by allowing the poems to blend into each other, unseparated by titles.

Edited by Angel Dust for the Dance Art Journal, all the proceeds from the sales will go into funding the production and printing of future issues of this zine.

dance art journal (@danceartjournal), is an online dance writing collective which gives voice to artists working in the independent dance sector. Formed of seven writers, we create content that puts independent artists at the forefront; writing reviews, conducting interviews and using our social media channels to support and promote artists’ work. Mainstream publications, with an emphasis on traffic-driven content, rarely connect with the contemporary dance scene that independent dance artists spend their careers working in. At DAJ we are committed to documenting the whole story, to maximise the reach of independent artists’ work. 

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