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LIFE [in Progress]


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The formal framework of the project Life [in Progress] is difficult to determine; it constantly drifts between performance and exhibition. Life [in Progress] is the first kiss, the last love letter, protesting, entering a political party, boredom, alcohol, pain, rage, masturbation, the change of name and appearance, a feeling of guilt, friends, our dear departed, mother-daughter conflicts, romances (including the ones that have not left the nicest of memories), and, above all, it is a decision to react or merely observe.

Janez Janša’s Life [in Progress] project has now been published in book form – as a book of the artist. The book is a work of two excellent and award-winning designers from Zagreb – Dora Budor and Maja Čule. This cloth-bound hardcover book is handmade. It contains 55 instructions from the Life [in Progress] performance and exhibition and a few additional ones that have not been presented so far. The book was published in English and has 124 pages with the accompanying text by Blaž Lukan. What is special about this book is its interactivity. The visual material is printed on self-adhesive stickers that can be pasted in the book. The users can also stick their own photos in the book.

The book is a special art object and a nice present since, in addition to the stickers, you also receive a pink or red pouch. There is a limited print run of 150 copies.

Maska, 2009, 124 pages, 18.5cm x 18.5cm