Letters from Linda M. Montano


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Letters from Linda M. Montano is an anthology of writings by one of the seminal performance artists of the last century. It provides an autobiographical and historical record of Montano’s artistic practice over the last thirty years, collecting together stories, fairytales, letters, interviews, manifestos and other previously unpublished writings. At the same time, the book acts as a ‘how-to’ manual for aspiring performance artists, offering practical guidance for students and a range of exercises that Montano has used in her teachings and workshops.

Finally, Letters from Linda M. Montano represents a performance in itself, in which the artist considers the process of writing, creating and bringing the work to fruition as another form of ‘endurance performance’ similar to that of her durational works 14 Years of Living Art and Blood Family Art.

Routledge, 2005, London. 320 pp. 23 x 16 x 2 cm

ISBN: 978-0415339438

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