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This special box set collection of 20 postcards has been created for LADA’s 20th Anniversary, and represents key LADA projects and initiatives, 1999-2019.

Featured artists: La Pocha Nostra, Curious, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Dickie Beau, Franko B, George Chakravarthi, Harold Offeh, Katharine Meynell, La Ribot, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, Lois Weaver, Martin O’Brien, Nando Messias, Neil Bartlett, Nicola Hunter, Oleg Kulik, Oreet Ashery, Ron Athey, Sibylle Peters and Yang Zhichao.

A donation has been received to fully cover the production costs for the postcard sets, and all sales income will therefore benefit LADA’s projects and initiatives.

LADA marks its 20th Anniversary with a series of initiatives throughout 2019, including a publication, AGENCY: a Partial History of Live Art and Tiny Live Art (Development Agency), a series of 20 limited edition artworks by Robert Daniels,

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