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Kontejner: Curatorial Perspectives


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“One thing that all Kontejner’s projects have in common, at least from an entirely subjective viewpoint, is precisely that very direct, unequivocal focus on that which is “human, all too human” or phenomena that coexist with the standards of humanity. In this sense, Kontejner’s work is a permanent cabaret with acts that deal with the transgression of social conventions, with passions and fears related to machines and cybernetic mechanisms, obsessions with sensual pleasures and obstacles that prevent us from indulging in them…”- Maroje Mrduljas, architecture and design critic, Zagreb.

This beautiful publication contains hundreds of colour photographs documenting some of the most exciting artists exploring transgressive acts and the body working in the world today.A strictly limited run of 500.

Kontejner, Croatia, 2010, 242 pages, 27cm x 20.4cm.
ISBN 9-783868-951387