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Over 100 artists participated in ten platforms, with this Joining the Dots Platform DVD featuring a selection of works from across the UK, reflecting some of the practices and interests of emergent artists working in 2006-2007, and the diversity and vibrancy of the UK performance platform scene.

Contributing artists include: Mandy Romero, Carole Luby, Ginny Reed, Joost Nieuwenburg, L H Trevail, Jenny Edbrooke, Search Party, Nick Hornby, Phoebe Davies, Pablo Perezzarate, Jon Francis of Livestock, Jungmin Song, Rowan O’Neill, Trevor Woolery, Claire Blundell Jones, Harminder Singh Judge, Helen Schoene, Leonore Easton and Juliet Aster.

This DVD was commissioned by the Live Art Development Agency and produced by Manuel Vason and Lisa Cazzato-Vieyra [artdocs].

Live Art Development Agency, 2007, DVD-PAL, 75 minutes.

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