Homo Fronterizus: Recent performance video works, 2008-2011


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Dystopian/Post-National Live Art

During the past four years, performance artist/writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña and his lifetime friend, filmmaker Gustavo Vazquez, teamed up to work on a collaborative video project. This ambitious body of work is divided into four parts:

1. El Espejo (One-on-one): includes reintepretations for the camera of Gomez-Pena’s classic live art pieces, as well as tributes to other performance artists who have influenced his work including Roi Vaara, Marina Abramovic, Stelarc, and Melquiades Herrera.

2. Duelos (Performance vs. Video): explores the unspoken tension between performances and video asking questions such as; Who is the real author? The performance artist who creates the concept and offers his body/identity/map/arte-facto in sacrifice to the camera? or the video artist who filters it, frames it and, in doing so, inevitably re-creates it?

3. Poetry and the Human Body: explores the relationship between the spoken word and the human body; and the difference between embodied language and the ‘languaging’ of the body.

4. Unclassified Materials: includes video art pieces and rare cameos by members of Gomez-Pena’s performance troupe, La Pocha Nostra.

La Pocha Nostra, 2011, DVD R, 67 mins.

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