Heroes & Heroines of Live Art T-Shirts (First 110)


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This is one of the Live Art Development Agency’s tenth anniversary commissioned artworks exclusive to Unbound.

A collection of 110 unique T-shirts designed by Etchells, each shirt bears the name of an artist from the canon of Live Art, rendered in a (more or less) suitable typeface. Only one of each shirt will be produced. S, M, L or XL.

The selected artists are:

Reza Abdoh
Marina Abramoviۈ
Vito Acconci
Kathy Acker
Bas Jan Ader
Francis Alys
Laurie Anderson
Eleanor Antin
Janine Antoni
Penny Arcade
Antonin Artaud
Ron Athey
Franko B
Matthew Barney
Bobby Baker
Pina Bausch
Anne Bean
Jerome Bel
Joseph Beuy
Ian Breakwell
Stuart Brisley
Lenny Bruce
Tanya Bruguera
Chris Burden
Paul Burwell
Nao Bustamante
John Cage
Sophie Calle
Ken Campbell
Helen Chadwick
Tommy Cooper
Martin Creed
Guy Debord
Jeremy Deller
Maya Deren
Rose English
Brian Eno
Valie Export
Jan Fabre
Karen Finley
Andrea Fraser
Coco Fusco
Diamanda GalÌ_̤s
Gilbert & George
Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Tomislav Gotovac
Matthew Goulish
Spalding Gray
Ann Hamilton
David Hammonds
Mona Hatoum
Lin Hixson
Hannah Hoch
Raimund Hoghe
Rebecca Horn (only size small available)
Tehching Hsieh

Holly Hughes
Zhang Huan
Joan Jonas (only size small available)
Tadeusz Kantor
Allan Kaprow
Yves Klein
Elke Krystufek
Yayoi Kusama
La Ribot
Elizabeth LeCompte
Mark Long
Richard Long
James Luna
Ann Magnuson
Piero Manzoni
Gordon Matta-Clark
Paul McCarthy
Alastair MacLennan
Bruce McLean
Ana Mendieta
Meredith Monk
Linda Montano
Hayley Newman
Bruce Nauman
Hermann Nitsch
Yoko Ono
Nam June Paik
Gina Pane
Georges Perec
Adrian Piper
William Pope.L
Walid Ra’ad
Yvone Rainer
Rachel Rosenthal
Martha Rosler
Carolee Schneemann
Santiago Sierra
Roman Signer
Jack Smith
Patti Smith
Annie Sprinkle
Jana Sterbak
Meg Stuart
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Tristan Tzara
Ron Vawter

Andy Warhol

Hannah Wilke
Martha Wilson
Robert Wilson
David Wojnarowicz

Please specify your size of S, M, L or XL, and your choice of three artists names in ascending preference order, otherwise you will be sent a Heroes or Heroines T-Shirt chosen at random and in the standard size of M.
All t-shirts are made to order and will take up to 3 weeks to order.

NB: crossed names in the above list denotes that T-Shirt design is no longer available.

1 Edition of 110, black ethically produced 100% cotton T-Shirts with white vinyl cut lettering.

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