Heroes & Heroines of Live Art (First 110) Poster


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A unique poster designed by Tim Etchells to accompany his Heroes & Heroines of Live Art (First 110) T-Shirts which formed part of the Live Art Development Agency’s exclusive tenth anniversary commissioned artworks. This poster features each name of an artist from the canon of Live Art, rendered in a (more or less) suitable typeface, as featured in the one-off T-Shirt collection.

“I guess I don’t trust much or care about the top 100 anything
that whole MOMA Series of the top 100 performances they plan can rot in Hell…
I mean for me the Heroes & Heroines of Live Art (first 110) was more a less an absurdity, a mockery
but with and despite all that
i do like names
and how they circulate
and the names that mean most to me
are those that contain what Greil Marcus once called a secret history
a secret knowledge” -Tim Etchells

1 Edition of 110, A0, signed and editioned on the back.

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