Four Hundred and Twenty-nine Significant Moments


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This book, Four Hundred and Twenty-nine Significant Moments: Documenting an Artist’s Research and Processes (Watts 2018) maps the artistic processes over a nine month period of the making of the art work Not a Decorator…(Watts 2017). It does this through the artist’s use of Studio Activity Sheets SASs (Watts 2010) and two essays by writers Emma Cocker and Sarah Gorman who watched the art develop. It is also introduced with a transcription of a conversation between Lisa Watts and Rebecca Fortnum.

This book is unique in revealing a close-up, chronological view of the formation of a specific art work from the perspective of the artist.

The research in this book encourages other disciplines, both within the arts and outside, to understand the aspects of an artist’s practice, as it unwraps artistic processes and their documentation for trans-interdisciplinary research.

Hard back. An edition of 100 printed books. pp 216.

ISBN : 978-0-9928392-1-5

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