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El Postporno Era Eso


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Maroa Llopis is an artist, activist, feminist, queer, post-pornographer with a fetish for riding bicycles _ always putting the fun between her legs. She lives in Spain but is moving to the Andaman Islands to make a live, life performance of bleeding freely and unplugged in nature.

She has always had difficulties reaching an orgasm. Her 1st orgasm took place when she was 25 with her Swiss boyfriend Benjamin Stadler. He is very honoured. But she never reached an orgasm by herself except now, we can say _ thru the journey of writing her book _ once upon a time post porn or literally translated, post-porn was like that _ she has finally been successful to come.

Maroa Llopis introduced by Indian artist Tejal Shah in Bombay, April 2010.

Maroa Llopis, 2010, 208 pages, 14cm x 21cm

ISBN: 978-8496614826