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Written after a 6-day durational performance made in October 2016, the performing artists body has been stripped down to a text within this book.

Non-linear in arrangement the book grasps at recollection, and features images of totems made with objects given by the audience as part of a gift economy and installed within the space, which was shared with a pair of lovebirds as Charlotte Wendy Law (CWL) worked with her body’s weight in clay.

Staple bound with folded pages, this book is a delicate offering that becomes in its own way a one-to-one performance: desiring intimacy and giving everything away.

DRAWN was launched at LADA in November 2017 with a performance by Breathing Space, and a reading of the footnotes by CWL.

Texts by Charlotte Wendy Law (CWL) and designed in collaboration with Claudia Doms.

Housework Press, 2017. 20.9cm x 14.2cm, edition of 100 Riso printed in light grey and fluorescent pink.