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Buy five of the current DVDs in the Crossovers series at the special price of £50.

Crossovers is a major series of artists’ films, documentaries and dialogues reflecting the potential of marginal artforms and intense ideas within popular media.

Crossovers DVDs:

Gavin Butt and Ben Walters’ This Is Not a Dream.

The video revolution of the 1970s offered unprecedented access to the moving image for artists and performers.This Is Not a Dream explores the legacies of this revolution and its continued impact on contemporary art and performance. More

Mel Brimfield’s This is Performance Art: Parts One and Two.

The first two episodes of Mel Brimfield’s multi-part fictional television documentary series mark the fragmentary and unreliable nature of performance art’s historical record. More

Oreet Ashery’s Party For Freedom.

Party for Freedom explores the potentials and dilemmas of liberation in a culture at odds with itself, drawing upon histories of experimental performance, theatre and film, satire, biopolitics and popular media. More

Transfigured Night, A Conversation with Alphonso Lingis.

Transfigured Night assembles a rich patchwork of fragments taken from a two day dialogue in the philosopher’s house near Baltimore. More

No Such Thing As Rest, A Walk with Brian Massumi.

In this relaxed but intensive exchange Massumi discusses the nature of events, their sensuous and affective forces, immaterial art practices and their critical potential under capitalism, belief and hope and their relation to political agency. More

Writing Not Yet Thought with Héléne Cixous.

In an exchange recorded in Hélène Cixous’ home in Paris, the acclaimed and prolific author discusses the practice of writing – considering fiction, theatre, the essay and poetry – alongside its relation to painting, music and philosophy.

Please note that Writing Not Yet Thought with Héléne Cixous is now only available to purchase from Adrian Heathfield’s website here

Crossovers DVDs can be bought individually for £12.50 via the links above to individual items.

Crossovers DVDs are published by Performance Matters, a collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Roehampton, and the Live Art Development Agency, and supported by Follow on Funding from the Arts and Humanities

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