Critical Interruptions Vol I: Steakhouse Live


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Critical Interruptions Vol I follows Steakhouse: Live Writing, a pilot project undertaken as part of the 2016 Steakhouse Live Festival of Live Art and Performance.

The publication brings together artists, curators and producers, writers and critics to think through their relationship with criticism, revealing passionately held and often conflicting opinions on what criticism is and where it resides.

Critical Interruptions Vol 1 exposes this fractured state of criticism in Live Art: the fact that while the current state of affairs satisfies no one, there is little agreement on what that status quo is.

“We begin from the position that criticism is a political event, formed at the confluence of artist practice and the politics it lives in, attacks, reinforces or creates. We begin from the premise that the ecology of criticism is not one of journalism, but of art practice. We begin with a disregard for criticism as secluded work and instead, propose criticism as a collaborative practice.” Critical Interruptions

Edited by Critical Interruptions (Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Janković), with contributions from Palin Ansusinha, Katy Baird, Katharina Joy Book, Jennifer Boyd, Jasmine Shigemura Lee, Emma Selwyn and Malik Nashad Sharpe.

Designed by Gareth Damian Martin with images by Julia Bauer and Manuel Vason.

Critical Interruptions Vol I is supported by Live Art UK and Steakhouse Live.

2018. 120 pages, paperback with colour images throughout. 23.5 x 15.6cm.

Download the publication for free here.

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