Awkwoods: Daniel Oliver’s Dyspraxic Adventures in Participatory Performance


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it’s a laugh a line spiritual guide into the perspectives of ‘Dys-practice’ (filled with puns!)… what really captivated me about ‘Awkwoods’ was that it isn’t only ND friendly regarding accessibility, but also in tone… Daniel Oliver’s writings are zany, at points clumsy, blatantly weird and a whole lot of awkward! A must for anyone interested in how and what Neurodivergent brains create. This book is a start to Dyspraxic actors and artists recognising and claiming their place as ND performance artists, instead of seeing dyspraxia (and awkward) as something that needs to be overcome.”

Emma Robdale, Disability Arts online, January 2020


Daniel Oliver is dyspraxic and he creates awkward participatory performance worlds. He has done so since 2003. This book documents some of those worlds, as well as bringing together critical and creative responses by Aby Watson, Jo Hauge, Luke Ferris, O. Husch, Chloe Spicer, Hamja Ahsan and Nwando Ebizie. These writings focus on discussing, embracing, and celebrating dyspraxic approaches to performance making, socialising, world building, thinking and writing. It is especially for everyone accept of course for those who choose to identify as ‘everyone’ rather that someone else – but it will be great for anyone who, for example, is invested in dyspraxia, neurodiversity, Live Art, Audience Participation, World-Building, and sentences like this one.


PDF copies of the book are available on request following purchase. Please email [email protected] to arrange.


Live Art Development Agency, 2019, 140 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9164243-5-7


LADA launched Awkwoods on Wednesday 20 November in London.


Daniel also launched Awkwoods with a low-fi relaxed rong table at Queen Mary University of London on Thursday 31 October.




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